Making memories that last a lifetime

Since 1946, Lost Lake Lodge has been a Gull Lake resort hosting guests who become friends and end up as family. Established first as a restaurant and then as a destination lodge for fishing and vacationing, Lost Lake Lodge has been a family resort through five owners, riding every crest and wave of the Gull Lake tourism industry that has had its birth and boom with the likes of “Dutch’ Cragun and Jack Madden. The first owners, Fran and Ray Schwartz, knew the size of LLL would never compete with the “big boys” so they let natural beauty, unique location, and personal service be the guiding beacons leading summer guests to their wooded lake haven year after year.

Ownership from 1970 to the present:

When Bill and Ethelmae Carter bought the resort in 1970, they followed the same formula for success, welcoming old and new friends to the expanding lake resort. In 1987, when Tim and Cindy Moore took over, their commitment to preserving the natural setting drew more friends to the relaxed retreat. Doug and Pat Lewis brought their own touch, enhancing restaurant fare and adding dining that overlooks the Gull Lake Narrows. It’s really no surprise the current owner, Rebound Hospitality, includes Brett Reese, whose family has gathered at Lost Lake for years. Together we are committed to preserving, maintaining and enhancing all that makes this place truly unique. The natural setting, perfect location, and dedication to exceptional personal service still drive our vision in every area and we are still happily turning guests into friends and friends into family.

You’re joining ancient history when you add your personal history to ours.

ON-site burial mounds, clear, sparkling waters, and the natural forest setting make it easy to imagine when Ojibwa and Dakota tribes called this home. You’ll sense ancient history as you hike through the woods or paddle a canoe on Lost Lake, dangle your toes from the docks and listen to the loons calling, or watch eagles soaring overhead. But be warned: while you’re adding to your own personal history, you’re also joining ours, destined to become part of the fabric and family that makes Lost Lake Lodge so special.