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Tricia and Daughter 295x295Lost Lake Lodge is fortunate to be a part of our guests’ traditions, memories, and future plans. Tricia is one such guest.

Her family has been visiting Lost Lake Lodge since 2006. Tricia raves about the intimate setting, friendly staff and wonderful food (not to mention the convenience of never having to cook while on vacation). But, more than all the amenities and services, Tricia loves sharing experiences and creating lasting memories with her daughter during their time at the lake.

Tricia writes:

“Lost Lake is special to me because it is a connection I have with my daughter. She was just a young teenager when we started coming, and now she is graduating from college this spring. On the top of our list this summer is a Lost Lake getaway, before she gets tied up in the real world! The pictures I am sending are just of the two of us, because we share this special connection. One night after dinner we strolled along the bluff back to our cabin and I got a great shot of her dangling her toes off a dock in the Narrows. Another time she and I stayed there it was pretty chilly in the evening. Both she and I had brought our Greek letter sweatshirts that visit, so we had a picture taken of us on the deck of Cabin 5. (To my delight she had pledged the same sorority that I had many years ago!) She is a really special girl to me, and together we share the same warm connections with Lost Lake Lodge.”

We love hearing such stories from families and friends who visit Lost Lake Lodge, and we’d love to be a part of yours. Make your reservation with us for the upcoming season, and begin creating Lost Lake traditions and memories with your loved ones.

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